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As we started to roll into 2017, we took a moment (okay, a lot of moments!) to reflect on our amazing fans and all the support you've given us in this past year. Together, we have accomplished so much. We wanted to bring you some special new ideas this year, including ways to make the store even more customized to YOU, your favorite lyrics and songs from You Can't Kill Us. We are stoked to announce the Icon Army Shirt of the Month!



On the first of every month, we'll be releasing a brand new tee to the store, customized to each song from the album. Our first one is - you guessed it - "Supposed To Be"!

Every month we'll bring you a new limited design that really shows our heart and passion from every track on You Can't Kill Us so you can sport the words and images that mean the most to you. Only 250 of each shirt will be made! Every month we'll also offer a coordinating accessory, painstakingly designed and chosen by us, for you.

For our hardcore superfans, we are offering the Shirt of the Month Club. This is a one-time purchase (and one-time shipping charge) that will reserve your tee first out of the 250 made. Not only does it amount to getting FIVE of the 13 shirts for free, but it also means your size is guaranteed and you will be shipped your tee on the first day it becomes available to everyone else! Shirt of the Month Club members will also receive a discount code for 20% off every single accessory.

Once the Club members' shirts have been set aside, we'll put the rest up on our store for individual purchase. You'll also be able to purchase the accessories individually. From jewelry and stickers to custom notebooks and wall art, ALL of them will have our heart and soul poured into them, reflecting our vision and passion from every song.

We have SO much planned for 2017, and this is just the beginning. We can't wait to continue making music, art, and joy just for our Icon Army.

Much love,
Icon For Hire



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