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The Icon Army Loyalty Rewards Program

Well, hi there! 

Some of you may have received emails earlier in the year about our Loyalty Rewards program. We wanted to make sure you knew about this program and how we want to give back!

Every time you make a purchase in our store, you will get rewards points for each dollar spent. We will also be offering bonus points on select items, as well as bonuses for membership in the Icon Army Headquarters and other upcoming events in 2017. As your points build up, you'll be able to use them to redeem them for anything in the store. 

Kick start your points now by getting our Shirt of the Month and accessory. We're offering 250 bonus points if you purchase the bundle with BOTH. Both items are running out fast and will not be reprinted, so claim yours now!

Take me there!

We are already working hard to get the "Demons" items ready for March. Each new song's items are released for sale at MIDNIGHT on the 1st, so be in the know and grab yours.

Thank you for your continued support! We have many more announcements coming, so stay tuned.



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